Lauren Meadows_Art Director
A greasy headed twenty-something, who is doing things.
ADC Merit_Amtrak Trails and Rails Rebrand

Gold Local ADDY_Bill-E's Bagels
The One Show Young Ones Merit_Follow The Signs
Best of Show Student Regional ADDY_Follow The Signs

Gold Student Regional ADDY_
Amtrak Trails & Rails
Best of Show Student Local ADDY_Amtrak Trails & Rails
Judge's Choice and Gold Student Local ADDY_Follow The Signs

Silver Student Local ADDY_Waze, LOLA, LaCroix

Client Experience
Lewis Communications_Art Director 2019-and still kicking
_Lead Art Director for Tiffin Motorhomes and SweetBay
Freelance Art Director_Birmingham, AL
_Lewis Communications 2018/2019: Tiffin Motorhomes, SweetBay, Bill-E's Bacon, Dread River Distillery, PreSchool Partners
_Alice Magazine 2017/2018