Silver Student ADDY
There is an inequality between men and women in the business world. We wanted to empower women to achieve their goals in the male dominated professional atmosphere.​​​​​​​

LaCroix will partner with grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Fresh Market to launch their line of miniature 8.4 fl oz cans, which are proportional to the wage gap for women in the US. These 30% smaller cans will be available for purchase on International Women's Day for the same price as the full size in order to represent the injustice.
LaCroix will run LinkedIn banner ads in order to target working women.

LaCroix will partner with She Runs It, a New York-based organization that holds classes that teach women how to succeed in business. We will utilize Instagram’s IGTV feature to host a mini-series of interviews with badass women in a variety of fields. They will give viewers their advice on salary negotiation, confidence at work, how to deal with mansplaining, and other pro tips.
AD: Lauren Meadows
CW: Sydney Pellegrini
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